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Electronic Distibutor This Distributor from Ignition has a side port for vacuum signal input for the vacuum advance function. EASY AS The advance function of this distributor is all electronic and as such contains no mechanical parts, ie springs and weights - which over time. The \JAGR-V replaces most 6 cyl. point distributors that were used in 3,4 litre, 3,8 litre and 4,2 litre "XK"-engines. The Ignition is the complete package, offering better starting, fewer emissions, strong spark at all speeds and 16 user selectable electronic advance. Fully mappable Ignition distributor suitable for TR engines. Adjustments can be made by connecting the distributor to a computer running the software. Brand new distributor with several different advance curves. Your original ignition coil can be used with this new distributor, as long as it is in good. e-type s1 / s2 / s-type / / xk / xk / xk / mk 1 / mk 9 / mk 10 ignition electronic distributor upgrade ign Negative earth!

The all New electronic ignition distributor with vac A+. Featuring 16 ready programmed switchable advanced curves built in as standard, a must for any. For 6 cylinder engines with vacuum advance. Item # ALFAR-V. The ignition-system in a classic car is often the source of many problems.

123 Ignition distributor 100 000 kilometre review - Is it worth it?

ignition is proud to announce the first fully programmable wireless Bluetooth ignition! Control your \TUNE+ with your iOS/Android smartphone or tablet. This distributor was developed for the 4-cylinder FIAT , , Coupe, Spider and Abarth engines with double camshaft. It replaces the originaldistr. Ignition electronic distributor Mercedes 4 /R-V designed for the W, W and W engines, in the Mercedes C, , , US and Next to.

The Distributor is set up for I believe 16 different electronic timing settings and you can set the timing to your particular car. Distributor. As originally equipped, a Series II E-Type such as mine came equipped with dual Zenith Stromberg carburetors as part of the. ignition is a worldwide respected brand of ignition systems for classic cars. ignition is a brand name of the company Albertronic BV.

NO MAINTENANCE. The ignition is fully electronic. · BETTER THAN THE CONVENTIONAL DISTRIBUTOR. The electronics and software work in harmony to guarantee. Electronic ignition distributors for classic cars:: \ignition ONLINE-SHOP including ignition coils and ignition cables. ➤Order here! The ignition distributor replaces the mechanical ignition system in a classic car by an externally similar counterpart which contains high-tech.

Ignition electronic distributor with vacuum port, programmable via Bluetooth, 6V/12V, cccc, / For the best result we suggest to use. Eventually I'll go either with or Mallory Unilite distributor. Both need electric tach. The screwdriver advance adjustment on the sounds neat. The wireless programmable TUNE+R-V-V is designed for VW aircooled 4 cylinder engines. ignition is proud to announce the first fully programmable. Hi Everyone. I have been reading the large number of glowing reports regarding the beneftis of the Electronic programmable Distributor.

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Electronic ignition for your Lotus engine · Fantastic products for classic cars · ignition has become a reputable brand-name in the world of ignition systems. Buy Now Ignition Distributor Tune + (Bluetooth) /TUNE+R-V-V - View The app enables you to adjust the advance curve, it shows an electronic. Ignition Distributor - TR8 / Pre Serp Rover V8 (Tune+RV8wo) Switched pre programmed electronic distributor for Peugeot with vacuum Models Electronic, programmable, distributor for Alfa Romeo Boxer engines installed in Alfa 33, Alfasud and ARNA Freely programmable by connecting the distributor. The ignition /FIAT-2R is an electronic ignition designed especially for Fiat and Fiat engines. It comes as a complete distributor. Electronic Distributor Brand ; Alternative Parts Are Available ; WHEN USED FOR E-TYPE THIS PART IS SUITABLE FOR CARS WITH ENGINE NUMBER: R TO R Excellent unit with fully programmable ignition advance curve. This distributor has the ability to store 2 separate curves which the user can switch between. Programmable electronic ignition distributor for M30 6cylinder non-injection models. Higher performance coil required to fit. New Member. Last Online: Jul 27th, Join Date: Jan Location: Dumfries. Default electronic ignition distributor in a GT. ignition distributor impress with modern, maintenance-free technology Inside the aluminum body is an up-to-date electronic ignition and because of.
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